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WH-1 A Breakthrough in the Treatment of Vaginitis
(White discharge in women)
WH-1 is an Ayurvedic Herbal Formula developed by
Dr. V.R. Bapat, Bangalore, India. For his profile click here
He has experience of treating with this formulation over
a period of 35 years in his clinical practice.

Advantages WH-1 Treatment

Single drug useful in White Discharge caused by multiple pathogens such as Bacteria, Yeast, and Trichomonas.
Useful in mixed infections
Useful in white discharge in pregnancy
Helps growth of normal vaginal flora and lactobacillus
No superimposed infection as seen in modern medicine
No adverse effects. Very safe
Cost Effective

Dr. V. R. Bapat
375 1st'B' main road
1st Phase, Girinagar
Bangalore 560 085. India

Tel: +9180-2672 0139
Cell: +91-94484 92149



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