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WH-1 A Breakthrough in the Treatment of Vaginitis
(White discharge in women)
WH-1 is an Ayurvedic Herbal Formula developed by
Dr. V.R. Bapat, Bangalore, India. He has experience of treating with this formulation over
a period of 35 years in his clinical practice.

Advantages WH-1 Treatment

Single drug useful in White Discharge caused by multiple pathogens such as Bacteria, Yeast, and Trichomonas.
Useful in mixed infections
Useful in white discharge in pregnancy
Helps growth of normal vaginal flora and lactobacillus
No superimposed infection as seen in modern medicine
No adverse effects. Very safe
Cost Effective
  Profile of Dr. V. R. Bapat

Dr. Vishnu Rao Bapat hails from a traditional family of ayurvedic practitioners in Karnataka State , India . He holds a master degree in Mycology and Plant pathology from Bombay University . He has a diploma Vaidya Visharad in Ayurveda.

Dr. Bapat is a founding partner of Sagar Pharmaceuticals an ayurvedic drugs manufacturing firm. He was its managing Partner for over 26 years. During this time he introduced many clinically tried products. He has adequate experience in new formulations, Production, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Rules and procedures, marketing and export procedures. Presently he has retired from business.

Dr..Bapat is founding secretary of Karnataka Indian Medicine Manufacturer's Association. In 1998 he visited some herbal manufacturing units in UK , Netherland and Germany on an invitation from Commonwealth secretariat in London . In the same year end he was invited by Governor of Gufu prefecture in Japan to make a presentation on Ayurvedic industry in India under the aegis of Indo-Japanese Association. He is associated with several social and spiritual organizations.

After retirement from Sagar Pharmaceuticals in 2003, he is devoted to establishing the safety and efficacy of WH-1, an herbal formulation for white discharge in women invented by him .

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